Foster Application Next Steps


I agree to act as temporary Foster Home for Souris Valley Animal Shelter (herein known as SVAS.) I agree to abide by the following conditions whenever fostering any animals for SVAS

All animals entering foster care must have gone through SVAS protocols prior to leaving SVAS.

1. Any animal(s) fostered by me will be kept in a SVAS-approved facility. I understand that any animal(s) I foster is/are the property of SVAS, and I agree to turn it/them over to SVAS immediately upon request. I agree to bring any animal(s) fostered by me to the shelter for exams, vaccinations, weight checks, or other reason deemed necessary by SVAS at a mutually agreed upon date and/or time.

2. I understand that I am responsible for adhering to all SVAS standards of care and applicable local and state laws dealing with animal welfare.

3. I agree to a premises check upon the request of SVAS which can include a visual inspection of the living quarters of all SVAS foster animals in that environment and testing for transmissible disease.

4. Any animal(s) fostered by me will be fed, watered and exercised appropriately. I agree to provide an adequate and nutritious diet, including any necessary supplements, as recommended by SVAS. I also agree to abide by any instructions given by SVAS regarding the feeding of specific brands or types of supplemental food and/or nutritional supplements to my foster animals. Although SVAS will make every attempt to furnish food and/or litter for those foster care volunteers who are unable to afford these supplies on their own, I understand that the availability of these supplies is based on donations from the public and limited to stock on hand and that I will be responsible for providing necessary supplies in the event that they are not available through SVAS. SVAS cannot and does not guarantee to be able to provide free food, litter or supplies for my foster animals.

5. I will not allow any foster dogs or puppies to have any unsupervised off-leash time. I will provide a kennel, crate and/or securely fenced yard for their safety. I will not allow foster cats or kittens to go outside at any time except to transport them to and from the shelter or to a veterinarian, if needed. I agree to transport any foster cats, kittens, puppies and small dogs in a sturdy carrier. I agree to transport any foster animal(s) in an enclosed vehicle only, and I will not allow them to ride in the bed of a pickup or a convertible.

6. I agree that animals will not be kept outside unless otherwise discussed and approved by SVAS.

7. I understand that SVAS will take every precaution to ensure that any animal(s) I foster are reasonably healthy and that any known health problems will be disclosed to me prior to my taking the animal into my home, but SVAS cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen health problem that may develop after the animal(s) is/are in my care. I understand that SVAS may require me to return my foster animal(s) to the shelter to assess or treat any health problem, at its discretion

8. I understand that I am not authorized to seek outside veterinary care for SVAS foster animals without approval from SVAS staff or the SVAS foster coordination team and may be dismissed from the foster program for doing so. If I choose to treat the animal(s) at a veterinarian of my choice, I understand that I will assume full responsibility for payment of the vet bill, and that SVAS will be unable to reimburse me for any such payment.

9. I agree to provide adequate, positive socialization for any animal(s) fostered by me to help ensure their temperament will be as sound as possible. I also agree, when requested, to give a progress report to SVAS. I agree to bring my foster animal(s) into the shelter for any required vaccinations, de-worming, or other medication prescribed and provided by SVAS at no cost to me. When the foster period is over, I will call SVAS to return the animal(s), and will do so at the agreed upon time.

10. I agree to keep my foster animal(s) separate from my own pets, and that the possibility of foster animals fighting, injuring, or spreading illness to my own pets does exist. I agree that I will keep my own pet up to date on vaccines and de-wormers according to my own veterinarian, while I am fostering any animal(s) for SVAS. I understand that if I choose to allow my foster animal(s) and my own pet(s) to have access to each other, I do so at my own risk, and will not hold SVAS liable for any illness or injury that may occur to my own pet(s).

11. I agree to keep SVAS animals safe from harm/illness as a result of contact with resident pets.

12. I understand the potential for contagious illness is high in animals. Therefore, I agree not to mix any of my foster animals or animals from more than one litter unless approved by SVAS. I also agree not to foster animals from any other organization while I am fostering for SVAS, unless granted specific approval by SVAS.

13. I understand that Foster Coordinators/ SVAS staff have the right to limit the number of animals in my care at any given time.

14. I assume responsibility for any events that occur in connection with my fostering of an animal for SVAS. I understand the possibility of my children or others being bitten, scratched, or contracting disease does exist. I agree to be responsible for my children and anyone else handling any animal(s) fostered by me in a safe and hygienic manner, and will not hold SVAS responsible for any injuries that may result from my failure to do so. I AGREE TO NOTIFY A SVAS REPRESENTATIVE IMMEDIATELY OF ANY BITES THAT BREAK THE SKIN that occur to any person or animal while any foster animal is in my care.

15. Any animal fostered by me is to be adopted to a permanent home only under the supervision of SVAS, to an adopter approved by SVAS, even if the adopter is me or a member of my household. All foster animals MUST be returned to SVAS for completion of adoption paperwork prior to permanent adoption. I understand that if I find a suitable home for any animal that I am fostering, all of the above conditions must apply, and that the adopter must pay the adoption fee.

16. I understand that the Souris Valley Animal Shelter cannot and does not make any representations or warranties, either expressed or implied concerning the temperament, habits, health, pedigree, disposition, age, sex or background of this animal and that I have no right to a reimbursement of medical, adoption or other professional fees. Furthermore, I understand that the animal’s future reactions to me, my family or any other person are completely unpredictable because animals, like people, have their own personalities.

17. In consideration of receiving any SVAS foster animal, I, as a foster caregiver, hereby release Ward County, its officers, agents and employees from all claims of injury or damage that a fostered dog/cat/other may cause me or my property. I agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Ward County, it’s officers, contract veterinarians, agents and employees from any and all claims of liability to other persons for injuries or damage arising out of or in connection with services of this program or caused to them or their property by the animal(s) I am fostering through Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

18. If for any reason, I do not comply with all provisions of this agreement, I agree to return the fostered animal to Souris Valley Animal Shelter upon demand of the enforcement agent. If I refuse to return the fostered animal to Souris Valley Animal Shelter upon demand of the enforcement agent, I understand that SVAS reserves the right to impound them as legal owner of the animal.

19. During my association with SVAS and thereafter, I will keep confidential, refrain from disclosing to others, and use only in the performance of my foster duties, all confidential information of SVAS that I develop or learn about during the course of my association. I understand that this agreement covers all confidential business and technical information and know-how of SVAS which is not generally known to persons outside of SVAS and which I have not been specifically authorized to disclose or use. Examples of confidential information include, but are not limited to, information on finances, donors, outreach programs, and information received from others that SVAS has agreed to keep confidential.

20. I acknowledge that a staff member has reviewed documented information about this animal with me and that I have received said documentation in writing. I am fostering with awareness of any documented medical or behavioral history.